The multiplication rule for dependent events is used since we are interested in the first player being a senior: Probability Home Work, HWU, Malaysia

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject Probability
  • The multiplication rule for dependent events is used since we are interested in the first player being a senior and the second player being a senior. The events are dependent since we are selecting the players without replacement. We are looking for:


  • Probability


  • Using Bayes’ Theorem



  • P(Train) = 0.65; implies P(No Train) = 1 – 0.65 = 0.35
    P(Bus) = 0.18; implies P(No Bus) = 1 – 0.18 = 0.82
    P(Train and Bus) = 0.06
    Create a table from this information:


a. P(No Train) = 0.39
b. P(Neither Train Nor Bus) = 0.11
c. P(Train Bus 0.06/0.24 0.25

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