SKAA 4313: A footbridge is required to provide communication between residential areas on either side of a dual carriageway road: Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Assignment, UTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UMT)
Subject SKAA 4313: Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

A footbridge is required to provide communication between residential areas on either side of a dual carriageway road. The road is in cunning as shown in the accompanying cross-section. Two carriageways and two verges with footpaths are symmetrically disposed about a central reservation. 1n-situ semi-continuous reinforced concrete construction is specified by the consultant and closure of the carriage is to be kept minimum or avoided completely. The construction is to be carried out in two phases. each consists of one-half of the footbridge, from the approach point to the middle of the central reser. anon. The corresponding carriageway will be closed, and traffic is to be diverted to another carriageway.

Data: Variable action on deck 5.0 khlinirt

The ground is firm clay with a safe bearing capacity = of 150 khil/m2

(a) Suggest suitable structural form and layout for the bridge deck, and supports, illustrating proposals in a neat sketch
(b) Adopt suitable material strengths and estimate preliminary concrete sizes for principal elements of the bridge superstructures.
(c) Design the reinforcement required in all structural elements of the footbridge.
(i) The slab (ii) The main and secondary beams (di) A column that carries the largest action (v) A footing for the column
(d) Prepare neat scale sketches showing the arrangement of reinforcement

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