OUMH1603: Demonstrate Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking. Use your critical thinking and reasoning skills to solve the following problem: Learning Skills for 21st Century Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject OUMH1603: Learning Skills for 21st Century

Question 1

Demonstrate Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking

  • Use your critical thinking and reasoning skills to solve the following problem.

Lali now works in a soft drink manufacturing company. He is in charge of the production line. The management has informed them that he needs to obtain academic qualifications to progress in his career and promotion. Therefore, Lali decided to pursue his studies at the Open University of Malaysia.

However, due to the demands of his job, he has to work overtime. In addition, Lali needs to complete his assignment according to the deadlines. He missed many e-tutorial (e-Learning) sessions. He has learning difficulties. Due to the pressure he is facing, lately, he is often sick too.

Some of his friends asked him not to add to the pressure and advised him to stop studying. But some other friends and family members encouraged him to continue with his studies. What are some helpful suggestions for Lali?

What do you think is Lali’s problem? How can he solve this problem? In your opinion, what are Lali’s problems? How could he solve these problems?

Write a report. Include the following in your report:

  1. Consider All Factors – List the different issues Lali should consider in making decisions for solving her problem.
  2. Reasoning – Make a decision for Lali and explain why that is a good decision for her. Feel free to make up for the various circumstances in Lali’s life — for example, whether Lali may take fewer courses per semester to cope with his studies. The more reasons you give for her decision, the better.
  3. Creativity – Identify and include elements/ideas which are creative or innovative that Lali can do in his life to cope with his stress, health, and studies.
  4.  Reflection:
    • What is the critical thinking and reasoning process you have applied to make the decision for Lali?
    • What is the element of/idea for innovation to solve Lali’s problems? Why do you consider it an innovation?

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Question 2

Demonstrate Numeracy Skills and Digital Literacy

Figure 1 shows the number of road accidents by state in Malaysia for year 2020.


  1. What conclusion can you make with information in the Figure 1? Provide THREE (3) key information.
  2. What digital literacy skills will you use to search for information on “Road Accidents in Malaysia”?

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