OUMH1203: The Disadvantages of Social Media have Long been the Topic of Debate: English For Written Communication Assignment, OUM

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject OUMH1203: English For Written Communication


The disadvantages of social media have long been the topic of debate. People argue that that social media has not only affected communication but also contributed to crime rates.

For example, several Internationals were allegedly using social media to scam Malaysians for money. There were also several fraud schemes by notorious Malaysians which lead to a lot of victims losing thousands of savings. It seems that the use of social media has brought more harm than good.

Persuade your readers on your stand of the issue above. Elaborate comprehensively with convincing techniques and relate to personal examples.

Additionally, give suggestions on how to safeguard oneself from falling into the scam/fraud schemes.


For this assignment, you need to:

  1. Prepare an outline for your essay (must be submitted before the essay – in one document as the essay).
  2. Write an essay and discuss the issue(s) related to the above topic and give reasons for your suggestions/opinions.

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