NBHS1504 The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate learners’ cognitive and scientific skills in preparing: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Paper, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Part I


The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate learners’ cognitive and scientific skills in preparing a research proposal that is relevant to nursing practice.


Prepare a research proposal based on the title of a research study of your interest that is relevant to nursing practice.

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Part II


Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

  1. Write the title of your research study (to include the variables, sample, and place to do the study) give reason why you choose that topic.
  2. Describe the problem statement for your study based on your observation and previous studies to identify the gaps in the study.
  3. Formulate your general and specific objectives based on your research problems.
  4. Describe your conceptual framework based on your literature review.
  5. Describe your research methodology: research design, sampling method and instrumentation.

Bincangkan topik berkenaan di dalam forum dan hantar bukti penglibatan perbincangan dalam talian.

  1. Tulis tajuk kajian penyelidikan anda (perlu ada pembolehubah, sampel dan    tempat untuk melakukan kajian) berikan sebab mengapa anda memilih topik tersebut.
  2. Huraikan penyataan masalah kajian anda berdasarkan pemerhatian anda dan kajian lepas bagi mengenal pasti jurang dalam kajian.
  3. Rumuskan objektif am dan spesifik berdasarkan masalah kajian.
  4. Huraikan kerangka konseptual anda berdasarkan tinjauan literatur.
  5. Terangkan metodologi kajian anda dari segi: rekabentuk kajian, kaedah persampelan dan instrumentasi.

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