MGT6202E: Individual Assessment 3: Produce initial business research proposal to solve business problem: Business Research Methods, Dissertation Proposal, INTI, Malaysia



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Assignment Type

Individual Assignment


MGT6202E: Business Research Methods

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Assessment Objective:

You are required to work individually in writing an Initial Research Proposal (IRP) not exceeding 5 pages using the format provided for a research problem related to the business community and, in line with national interest.

Learning Outcome Assessed:

CLO2: Produce initial business research proposal to solve business problem

Concise Title: A concise title clearly depicting the research issue being proposed

Problem Definition

  •  Introduction of the primary issue of concern by touching on it from a holistic perspective
  • Highlight of the key theories or research concepts relevant for the research
  • Review of literature leading to formation of the research problem(s)
  •  Clear introduction of the key research problem(s)
  •  Highlight the importance of solving such problem(s)
  • The originality of the research problem and its relevance to business community and national interest
  • Use of appropriate quality research articles for problem(s) formation

Research Questions OR Objectives

Either one of the items i.e. Research Questions OR Research Objectives need to be shown.

Inclusion of both issues is not encouraged. The research objectives/questions need to cover the following issues:

  •  An overarching research objectives/questions that encapsulates the entire research focus or direction
  • Specific research objectives/questions that stems from the overarching research objectives/questions. The specific objectives/items need to be the platform for the research hypotheses formation. The sub objectives/questions can range between 2 – 5 objectives/questions.

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