Identification of current and anticipated challenges in the field of Project  Management: Project Management Case Study, OUM, Malaysia


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Contemporary Issues in Project Management (PM)

This individual report will allow you to evaluate contemporary issues in PM and make recommendations based on your critical analysis and assessment of a case study company.

Project management is continually evolving and will continue to gain momentum as a strategic competency and critical business discipline across all industry sectors. Organizations are increasingly adopting a project-based approach and there is no indication that this trajectory will waiver or lose momentum in the next decade. Project-based work is now business as usual for many traditional business units. The world of work has changed and so must the discipline of project management. In times of social, environmental, economic, and increasing technological changes, project management must evolve and adapt to changing conditions if it is to remain relevant and meet the evolving demands of future-focused organizations (McGrath & Kostalova, 2020)

Your task for this assessment entails creating an academic report centred around the topic of ‘Contemporary Issues in Project Management.’ You are required to explore contemporary issues in practical project management by analysing a suitable case study. Examples of such case studies include the Tidal Project 2020 in Scotland, the hydrogen train project in Scotland, Etihad railway in UAE, Meliha farm in UAE, Bintulu Methanol Plant in Malaysia, Forest City in Johor, Malaysia, or any other relevant project from your local context.

The report should incorporate references to academic literature and encompass the following aspects within an initial literature review on Contemporary Issues in Project Management:

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1 Identification of current and anticipated challenges in the field of Project  Management.

  1. Assessment of the impact of technological advancements on the practice of project management.
  2. Examination of the necessity to integrate sustainable practices into the discipline of  Project Management.
  3. Analysis of diverse, globally dispersed project teams operating remotely.
  4. Exploration of the evolving requirements for project managers and team members    in terms of skill sets.
  5. Investigation of Best Practices in Project Management.

Utilizing information and sustainability reports from the company’s website (which must be referenced), your analysis should include the following:

  1. a) Using real-life examples from the company to illustrate project management practices and identify the challenges that the project has encountered or may encounter.
  2. b) Offer recommendations on how to effectively address and overcome these challenges. Your recommendations should be informed by the insights gained from your initial literature review, effectively connecting theory to practical application.
  3. c) State whether is the project successful and why?
  4. d) Must have critical analysis eg. What is their problem? How to rectify
  5. e) NO NEED subtitles or headings. It is important to connect between paragraphs without using headings.

You should incorporate the findings and insights from your initial literature review into this analysis to create a cohesive and integrated examination.

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