HMEC5123: You are required to carry out an observation to observe the quality of the learning environment for an early childhood setting: Quality of the Educational Environment for Young Children Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Quality of the Educational Environment for Young Children
  • You are required to carry out an observation to observe the quality of the learning environment in an early childhood setting. You may choose to observe either a childcare centre or a preschool. You can observe the setting physically or virtually.

Record the observation of the learning environments in various aspects of the setting. You may refer to the measurement scales such as the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale and Infant and Toddler Environment Rating Scale. Analyze and discuss the observation findings. Provide literature to support your discussion.

  • Based on the findings of Question 1, prepare PowerPoint slides to propose a high-quality physical learning environment for the early childhood setting. The proposed environments should be developmentally appropriate for young children.

Your recommendations should include the following components:

  1. The proposed floor plan.
  2. The rationale for the arrangement and setting.

Present the slides via Google Meet in the e-tutorial session. The duration of the presentation is about 10 minutes. Upload the PowerPoint slides and assignment in a separate folder to the MyInspire submission system.

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