GSGM 7334 Majujaya Berhad Offshore Expansion. You are required to critically analyze the project’s key objectives, deliverables, and constraints: project management Course Work, CU, Malaysia

University curtin university (CU)
Subject GSGM 7334 Project Management

GSGM 7334 Project Management

Majujaya Berhad Offshore Expansion

Majujaya Berhad which currently operates a chain of retail outlets in Malaysia plans to expand its business operations offshore into new markets in the Kingdom of Bahrain a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The project aims to establish a presence in Bahrain by opening five retail outlets and developing a distribution network within the first year. Majujaya Berhad targets to achieve a minimum sales of USD1 million within the first year of operation in Bahrain whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with all the legal and regulatory requirements of Bahrain. You have been appointed the project manager for this offshore venture in Bahrain.

You are required to critically analyze the project’s key objectives, deliverables, and constraints followed by an overall risk assessment. (100 marks)

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1. Market research report outlining the target market, competition, and potential challenges.
2. Detailed project plan with timelines, resource allocation, and budget.
3. Site selection and lease agreements for five retail store locations.
4. Distribution network strategy and agreements with local logistics partners.
5. Comprehensive training program for staff members in the new market.
6. Operational infrastructure setup, including IT systems, inventory
management, and point-of-sale systems.
7. Compliance documentation and approvals from relevant authorities.

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