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EEE5314: Electrical Safety

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Kindly discuss the application of the Grounding System in your own native country by specifically taking into account the following aspects:

  1. All discussions must be directed towards addressing the occupational safety and health aspects of humans against electrical hazards.
  2. Types of grounding systems used (ie. IT, TT, TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S) while citing the most common one.
  3. Design of grounding system.
  4. Installations of grounding systems.
  5. Benefits of the chosen grounding system(s). 6. Drawbacks of the chosen grounding system(s).
  6. Operation behaviour/characteristics of the grounding system in the face of various possible fault types/locations within the power system.
  7. Operation behaviour/characteristics protective devices for indirect contacts in such a grounding system.
  8. voltage and current exposure in the grounding system(s) — transferred voltage, differential voltage, step voltage, fault current, etc.
  9. Measures taken to address issues or deficiencies faced by the adopted grounding system(s).
  10. Any modifications accorded to improve the grounding system(s).
  11. Substantiating the discussions with mathematical formulations is recommended.
  12. When citing technical terms, use those familiar to us as referred to in the course (i.e. the textbook, Massimo’s ‘Electrical Safety LV Systems’, McGraw-Hill (2009)). Change where necessary. Refer to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Massimo’s for a glossary of basic definitions and nomenclature.
  13. Any other subjects worth discussing

Grounding System is sometimes referred to as Earthing System. You may use either name in your google searches. You may get information from materials used in the course (textbooks, internet materials, etc.

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