ECE5882 Design a small-signal midband (for audio signal 20 Hz-20 kHz) common-emitter (CE) amplifier: Advanced Electronic Design Assignment, MU, Malaysia


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Advanced Electronic Design Assignment

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1. Design a small-signal midband (for audio signal 20 Hz-20 kHz) common-emitter (CE) amplifier with a BJT transistor having β of 120 and VBE of 0.7 V. The DC bias is provided by the voltage-divider configuration. The available dc voltage supply is +25 V. The amplifier has the overall voltage gain (with load) of
AVLoad  60 and maximum output voltage swing with no distortion or clipping. An AC output signal from an audio microphone, vs of 20 mVpp needs to be amplified. A source resistance, RS of 2 kΩ is used at the input side (to facilitate the measurement purpose of the input resistance). The amplifier output is connected to a load, RL of 3 kΩ.

You need to determine all the resistors values of the bias circuitry, coupling capacitors and emitter bypass capacitor values, -3 dB cut-off frequencies at low and high frequencies, input resistance Zin, output resistance Zout, the maximum voltage swing (no clipping) and the stage voltage gain. Verify your design and output with any suitable computer simulation. The report should have the following items:
(i) Introduction – theory, etc.
(ii) Design:
– Design amplifier circuit calculation both dc and ac analysis.
(iii) Results :
– Expected result based on the design theory.
– Simulation verification results- e.g. input/output waveforms, Bode plot (-3 dB cut-off freq). Analysis and comparison of the results -other necessary waveforms/diagrams.
(iv) Discussion & Conclusion

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