Determine the minimum fresh water and minimum wastewater targets for the above system using water cascade analysis: Advanced process integration Assignment, CU, Malaysia


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Advanced process integration Assignment.

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Task A: Wastewater in acrylonitrile production Figure 1 shows a process flow diagram for ‘ 1^ AN is produced in a fluidized-bed reactor via vapor-phase ammoxidation of propylene. The reaction is a single pass, with an almost complete conversion of propylene. The reactor is operated at 2 atm and 450°C, with the stoichiometry shown in the below equation.

Task A-1 Determine the minimum fresh water and minimum wastewater targets for the above system using water cascade analysis (WCA). [35%]

Task A-2 [UL02] Based on the results obtained from Task A-1, redraw Figure 1 for this acrylonitrile production. [5%]

Task A-3 (ULO1] Identify and explain two mass exchange techniques that can be used to separate water from the aqueous layer. Make a comparison between these two techniques and identify the better technique for water separation. [15%]

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