Describe your key achievement(s) over the last 18 months (as per guidance notes below) and explain the contribution or influence they have had on the organization’s performance: Educational Leadership and Management Coursework, UON, Malaysia

University University of Nottingham (UON)
Subject Educational Leadership & Management


Describe your key achievement(s) over the last 18 months (as per guidance notes below) and explain the contribution or influence they have had on the organization’s performance. You should include measures and/or outcomes to illustrate your contribution where you can.


The organization need not be one in which you are employed; perhaps you have recently changed employment or are particularly proud of what you have achieved in a formal, though voluntary, position you hold. For example, in a charitable body, a sports or leisure club.

Achievements will be personal to you and your role and demonstrate how you have delivered consistently effective performance within the last 18 months. Possible areas may include:

● Consistent performance in meeting or exceeding targets;
● Creating something that delivered positive results for your organisation; product, service or market development;
● Changes you have introduced which have improved operations and/or how people work;
● Making significant savings or performance improvement via a new way of doing things;
● Maintaining performance in the face of difficulties, e.g. reductions in staffing levels;
● Maintaining and sustaining your business model; motivating staff to retain skills; maintaining the level of turnover (even if not growing); maintaining established links with key stakeholders;
● Mitigating losses and sustaining business viability in recessionary times;
● Increasing profit or market share;
● Turning a department or business activity around.

To illustrate your achievement you should include measures where possible; “hard” measures e.g. savings made, or “soft” measures e.g. increased customer satisfaction.

A good starting place to identify your achievements may be from the performance objectives you were set, or from a recent appraisal. Or you might ask yourself – what am I most proud of having achieved or delivered in the last 18 months.

N.B. operational changes must be within the last 18 months. You should focus on outcomes, results or measures delivered in the last 18 months.


Select three of the leading people sub-skills from the guidance notes below. Using examples, describe specifically how you used each sub-skill to lead people effectively; focus on what you personally did and why.


You have told me “what” you did and now you’re explaining “how” you achieved the results identified in section 2. There needs to be a clear link between the narrative provided in this section and the outcomes you have detailed in Section 1.

Please select three sub-skills for this Leading People section from the list below:

● Provides clear purpose and direction;
● Inspires trust respect and shared values;
● Communicates clearly and succinctly;
● Develops and supports others;
● Resolves problems and conflicts with positive outcomes;
● Adapt leadership style to take account of diverse situations;
● Promoting wellbeing and valuing staff.

Using each sub-skill as a heading, describe how you have applied that skill; it is not sufficient to simply describe why the skill is important, you need to explain the following:

● what you did;
● how you did it;
● with whom or to whom;
● why;
● what were the benefits;
● how does this demonstrate your ethical approach as a manager.

It is important to explain what you actually did. For example: Stating “I provided support to the team” is fine; but how exactly did you provide the support? What methods did you adopt? How does this demonstrate your ethical approach and how did the staff (or others) benefit?

Where others are involved it is important to emphasise your own contribution. Try and give real-life examples of how you applied the chosen sub-skill (in around 400 – 750 words for each sub-skill).

There is no need to give any academic references here.

All the skills are equal – therefore choose those that you can most easily relate to the activity. For examples of how a sub-skill may be used refer to Appendix A

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