Define an algorithm and outline the process in building an application and Determine the steps taken from writing code to execution: Programming Assignment, Malaysia


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Pass 1: Define an algorithm and outline the process in building an application.

Pass 2: Determine the steps taken from writing code to execution.

Pass 3: Discuss what procedural object-orientated and event-driven paradigms are their characteristics and the relationship between them.

Pass 4: Write a program that implements an algorithm using an IDE.

Pass 5: Explain the debugging process and the debugging facilities available in the IDE.

Pass 6: Explain the coding standard you have used in your code.

Merit 1: Analyse the process of writing code, including the potential challenges faced.

Merit 2: Compare the procedural, object-orientated, and event-driven paradigms used in the given source code of an application.

Merit 3: Enhance the algorithm written, using the features of the IDE to manage the Development process.

Merit 4: Examine how the debugging process can be used to help develop more secure, robust applications.

Distinction 1: Evaluate the implementation of an algorithm in a suitable language and the relationship between the written algorithm and the code variant.

Distinction 2: Critically evaluate the source code of an application that implements the procedural, object-orientated, and event-driven paradigms, in terms of the code structure and characteristics.

Distinction 3: Evaluate the use of an IDE for the development of applications contrasted with not using an IDE.

Distinction 4: Evaluate the role and purpose of a coding standard and why it is necessary in a team as well as for the individual.

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