CBMS4303: Information system is one of the big and popular issues where most companies and organizations currently struggling to get the best out of their data management: Management information system Assignment, OUM, Malaysia


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CBMS4303: Management Information System

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An information system is one of the big and popular issues where most companies and organizations currently struggling to get the best out of their data management. The problem lies not in the process of gathering the information or raw data but in how to manage, interpret and transform those data into something readable and understandable.

Pivot table is one of the functions in the excel application which is very useful due to its capability of processing big amounts and ranges of data into something useful for an organisation to improve their strategies, find mistakes, detect discrepancies and any other problems residing in the company.

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Based on this statement, you are required to write a report based on the raw data given (Superstore X sale data for the year 2009 until 2012). By manipulating the pivot table application, you are required to answer all the information required below and to put it into a report format.

  1. Find the sales trend of the customer segment within the 4 years and,
  • To find the top 10 customers for each of the segments and in each of the years. Requires data and graph
  • To show the 5 most taken Product Names from the group of the top customers and their buying patterns. Requires data and graph
  • To find the highest price (among the four years) for each of the 5 most taken product names. Requires data and graph
  • To find the most preferable ship mode and which ship mode is preferred the most by each of the 5 most taken Product Name. Requires data and graph
  • Use the data in any way necessary to find a minimum of 2 problems and solutions. Each problem and solution must be explained and to be elaborated on in detail.
  • You have to produce a report for these particular question
  • requirements
  1. No numbers are allowed to be mentioned inside the report
  2. Problems and solutions must come from either 1 of the questions
  3. Using any data extracted from the file, you are required to produce a “Dashboard” consisting of any data that you choose from any of the 4 questions above. The dashboard must have the followings:
  • 3 Slicers
  • 1 Timeline
  • 3 Graphs
  • 1 Pie Charts
  • 1 Dashboard Table

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