CBDS2103: Develop Data Structures Using C Language to solve a Given Problem (CLO2) and Demonstrate the Implementation of Appropriate Data: Data Structure Assignment, OUM, Malaysia


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CBDS2103: Data Structure

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The purpose of this assignment is to develop data structures using C language to solve a given problem (CLO2) and demonstrate the implementation of appropriate data structure features with suitable test data and output. (CLO3)


Each computer that comes into a warehouse has a product code that tells something about that particular machine – where it was made, the type of processors, the capacity of the hard disk, and internal memory. Interpreting these product codes is important for the warehouse employee, as this information is crucial in the labelling of the product and storage.

The character positions in the product code and the meanings of the characters in those positions are in the following table:

As a senior programmer, you are given the following tasks:

  1. Create a structure that can store computer information: country of manufacturer, type of processor, the capacity of hard disk, and capacity of internal memory.
  2. Create a dynamic linked list data structure to store five different records for the computer.
  3. Update the information of the computers, for example, hard disk capacity from 500 GB to 1 TB. This must be done for all the records that have a hard disk capacity of 500 GB.
  4. Display the data for the five computers which is stored in the linked list data structure.
  5. Sort the data in the linked list by the country of the manufacturer in alphabetical order.

The assessment will be done based on the following criteria:

  1. Proper writing of C codes: structure, efficiency, and modular.
  2. The readability, consistency, naming, and user interface
  • Robustness and testing
  1. Complete documentation and correct submission.

Note: You MUST write C programming codes for this assignment. Codes written in C++ will not be accepted.

Setiap komputer yang masuk ke gudang mempunyai kod produk yang menjelaskan sesuatu mengenai mesin tersebut – di mana ianya dibuat, jenis pemprosesnya, kapasiti cakera keras dan ingatan dalaman. Penafsiran kod produk ini adalah penting untuk pekerja gudang, kerana maklumat ini adalah sangat penting dalam pelabelan produk dan penyimpanan.

Posisi aksara dalam kod produk ini dan makna bagi setiap aksara dalam posisi tersebut adalah seperti dalam jadual berikut:

1Negara pengeluarUAmerika Syarikat (US)
2Jenispemproses3Intel i3
5Intel i5
7Intel i7
3-5Kapasiticakerakeras320320 GB
500500 GB
10241 TB
SelebihnyaKapasitiingatandalaman10241 GB
20482 GB
40964 GB

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