BBAA2013 Identify the resident status of Je Soo for the relevant years of assessment: Taxation 1 Assignment, CU, Malaysia

University City University Malaysia (CUM)
Subject Taxation 1 Assignment

Explain the tax system in Malaysia and resident status. (C1, PLO1).

1. You are a Tax Advisor at Adam & Co. You have been tasked with giving tax advice to one of your foreign clients regarding the individual’s residence status under Section 7(1) of the Income Tax Act of 1967. Je Soo, a Korean fashion stylist, arrived in Malaysia on on 1st September 2015. On 1st October 2015, she began working for Black Rose Boutique Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur. Her periods of stay in Malaysia were as follows:

Your tasks:

i. Identify the resident status of Je Soo for the relevant years of assessment.
(Support your answer with reasons)

ii. Je Soo is still unsure whether she is eligible for temporary absence. Advise her on the circumstances that allowed for a temporary absence under provision of Income Tax Act 1967.

iii. Since Je Soo is unfamiliar with the Malaysian individual taxable to determine residence status, she requires your assistance in determining when she can apply for “linked by” or “linked to” in order to be eligible for resident status.

iv. If Je Soo is unable to obtain resident status, please advise on the implications for her taxation treatments of the following:

[Charge scope; Income tax rate; Individual tax relief; Employment income
derived from Malaysia; and Rebate for chargeable income].
(50 marks)

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