A spring that obeys Hook’s law has a spring constant k. Show that the energy stored E stored in the spring when: Ethics and Sustainable Behavior in Society Assignment, MU, Malaysia

University Mulungushi University (MU)
Subject Ethics and Sustainable Behavior in Society

Question 1

(a) A spring that obeys Hook’s law has a spring constant k. Show that the energy stored E stored in the spring when it has been extended elastically by an amount x is given by

Ethics and sustainable behavior in society

(b) A light spring of an unextended length of 14.2 cm is suspended vertically from a fixed point as illustrated below. A mass of weight 3.8 N is hung from the spring as shown above. The

Ethics and sustainable behavior in society

length of the spring is now 16.3 cm.

An additional force F then extends the spring so that its length becomes 17.8cm

  1. Show that the spring constant of the spring is 1.8 Nm−1
  2. For the extension of the spring from a length of 16.3cm to a length of 17.8 cm,
    * Calculate the change in the gravitation Potential energy of the mass on the spring.
    * Show that the change in elastic Potential Energy of the spring is 0.077 J.
    * Determine the work done by force F.

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Question 2

(a) The variation with extension x of the force F for a spring A is shown in fig 9.10. Point L on the graph is the elastic limit of the spring.

Ethics and sustainable behavior in society

iii. Describe the meaning of elastic limit
iv. Calculate the spring constant kA for spring A.
v. Calculate the work done in extending the spring with a force of 6.4 N

(b) A second spring B of spring constant 2kA is now joined to spring A as shown on fig 9.11. A force

Ethics and sustainable behavior in society

of 6.4 N extends the combination of the springs for the combination of the springs, calculate,

i. the total extension
ii. the spring constant

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