Sulfur dioxide (SO₂) is a harmful gas primarily emitted from fossil fuel combustion at the TAPCO power plant: Mass Transfer Assignment, MUM, Malaysia


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Mass Transfer

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  • Sulfur dioxide (SO₂) is a harmful gas primarily emitted from fossil fuel combustion at the TAPCO power plant. The outlet stream from the fuel combustion chamber flows a gas mixture containing 10 mol% SO₂ and 90 mol% air with a molar mass of 64.0 kg/kg mol and 28.8 kg/kg mol, respectively. This gas mixture is to be scrubbed with water (H₂O) to
    remove about 97 % of the SO₂ in a tower packed with 20 mm ceramic Rasching rings and having a cross-sectional area of 0.540 m² at 1 atm total pressure and 30 °C. The feed rate is 1500 kg/hr and the SO₂-Water equilibrium data is given in Table 1.

Table 1: SO₂-Water Equilibrium Data at 30 °C.

mass transfer

i. Determine the optimum liquid flow rate to be supplied in this packed tower by stating all relevant justifications.
ii. Determine the packed tower height, z if the major resistance to the mass transfer is in the gas phase.

  • In the LFIA chemical plant, a gas absorption tower is used to recover a methanol vapor (CH₃OH) from the air by using water as a solvent. The inlet capacity of gas flow rate into the gas absorption tower is 100 kg mol/hour, with a mole fraction of 20.0% CH₃OH. Inside the tower, a gas mixture at 1.0 atm containing air and CH₃OH is contacted with 300 kg mol/hour pure water at 59.4 °C. The equilibrium data for the methanol-water system is tabulated in Table 1.

Table 1: CH₃OH-water Equilibrium Data at 59.4 °C

mass transfer

i. Calculate the number of actual stages needed by using the analytical equation for overall tray efficiency of 25%, if the tower is desired to achieve at least 85% of CH₃OH recovery.
ii. Determine the optimum liquid flow rate by using 1.5 times the limiting rate and calculate the percentage of excess liquid solvent in this system.

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