BBRC4103: The first stage of research is to identify problems or issues in business and management and to justify the need for research: Research Methodology Research Paper, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject BBRC4103: Research Methodology

The first stage of research is to identify problems or issues in business and management and to justify the need for research. To this end, you are required to choose a research topic in a field of study that is of interest to you. Then, you need to formulate the problem statement related to the chosen topic.

To ensure that the problem that you have identified exists and it is significant, you need to provide actual facts and figures to support it. You are also required to determine the research questions and objectives suitable to the research problem. Finally, you must explain why it is important to do the research.


  1. What is the research background and why is the research significant?
  2. State your problem statement and construct the possible research question(s) and research objective(s).
  3. Review some literature on your chosen topic. Based on the literature, identify and define the variables of your research and develop a conceptual framework and construct the possible hypotheses. You need to refer to at least  EIGHT (8) recently published articles on your chosen topic.  Use APA format for in-text citations and references.
  4. Suggest a particular research design and your justification for choosing it.
  5. Detail your sampling design and the possible statistical analysis that you will use.
  6. List down all your references according to the APA format.

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