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CSC711 Advanced Software Engineering UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The course aims to develop a depth understanding of software engineering by considering its wider systems context. It examines principles and concepts that are associated with some advanced topics in this field, relating both productively (product)to process-oriented workflows for developing products or processes themselves as well as industrial practices related thematically at hand within different industries depending on your specialization interests. You will have the chance to explore various software development methodologies and models, analyze their advantages and disadvantages by using different tools. This will help you in your professional field as a software engineer.

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In addition, this course helps you to build a strong portfolio, which is essential for seeking a job in industry. You will develop several large-scale software system and demonstrate your professional capabilities. Also, you will learn how to work effectively in a team, give and receive feedback, and manage a software project.

Solved Assignment Sample For CSC711 Advanced Software Engineering UITM Course Malaysia

The goal of this assignment is to make the best use of UITM course materials and explore different techniques for solving problems. It requires students to work on their own time, but they are provided with a tutor who can answer questions throughout each process so it’s easy as pie!

Assignment Brief 1: Apply appropriate software engineering methodologies in evaluating software systems.

Software engineering, or programming, is a field of computer science that deals with the large-scale development of software.

A method might be considered appropriate if it includes formal approaches such as modeling and simulation as well as empirical methods such as testing and agile project management.

A software engineer is responsible for the entire process of programming, from requirements gathering to testing. Software engineers must be familiar with various concepts related to computer programming (including algorithms and data structures) as well as specialized topics like software design. Furthermore, they also must have some knowledge about hardware because it is related to how their programs will perform on that hardware.

The methods are not mutually exclusive, but can be applied in any order depending on the situation at hand. Sometimes several methods are required in sequence before finding a solution to our problem. These are-

  • Tools and testing – what does your project need? Successful product development uses all three tranches as early as possible due to their constantly changing needs.
  • Unit testing – Tools that allow quality control for small entities without requiring connectivity.
  • Integration testing – Testing which comes next after unit testing, where connections between components have been verified. This is usually done by using a black-box testing technique.
  • System Testing – End to end testing where the entire system is tested as a whole. This is usually done with a white-box testing technique.

These are just a few of the most popular software engineering methodologies. There are many more, and new ones are being developed all the time.

Assignment Brief 2: Synthesize information on current computing technologies that are significant to software engineering applications.

Software engineering is the process of designing, implementing and maintaining software to meet functional specifications. It can also serve as a basis for teaching computer programming to design, build, test and document computer programs or larger projects. The term “software engineer” can either refer to an individual who designs and codes this type of program or people that oversee the process – typically companies are looking for coders who have business skills regarding budgeting, prioritizing tasks etc.

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As there has been an ever-increasing demand for new software engineers in recent years (demand has risen over 50% since 2010), more colleges are opening programs in order to accommodate this demand by offering degrees without requiring prerequisites relating back to engineering; however, students should still expect rigorous coursework if choosing to major in this area.

Computer software engineers are involved in many activities including the research, design, development, testing, and implementation of software products and systems with an aim toward creating general-purpose or special-purpose programs. Software engineering deals with the organizing and analyzing software—it doesn’t just deal with the creation or writing of code. It’s a field that is constantly growing and changing, so it’s important for software engineers to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

The work of a software engineer typically falls into one of three categories: application development, system software development, or software maintenance.

Assignment Brief 3: Accommodate teamwork skill in formulating software engineering artifacts.

Inevitably, when a software engineering team is formed, people from vastly different backgrounds-different specializations in software engineering, different interests in certain application domains and industries, and even different tastes when it comes to the user interface design of software-come together. In order for a successful team to form, these individuals must be able to work together productively. As Sheryl Sandberg said: “One way we build trust on our teams is by hiring people with differing ideas about how we should solve problems.” And this say’s something about the need for teamwork skills in order for a project to be successful. Hiring diverse employees who can work together means that there will be more input on solutions and issues which ultimately leads to a better product.

However, there are times when team members might not be able to work together as well as they should. This could be due to personality clashes, lack of communication, or different work styles. In order for a team to reach its full potential, these issues need to be resolved so that the team can move forward and achieve its goals.

In a business environment, most team members tend to be of the same age and race, therefore work styles are often similar. Personality clashes can arise when individuals do not understand or respect other team members’ cultures. This situation becomes worse when the team is global where work styles differ greatly between countries/regions. For instance, a team member from the United States is used to a more direct communication style, while a team member from Asia might be more indirect. In order for these teams to work together effectively, cultural training is often necessary so that team members can understand and respect the differences in their co-workers.

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